Monday, February 14, 2011

SAN JUAN MACIAS: Cooperator Brother

Cooperator Brother

            Saint John was born at Ribera, Spain , in 1585, of a noble but impoverished family.   In his youth he was a shepherd, but in response to a vision of his patron, Saint John the Evangelist, he abandoned his flock and emigrated to South America.  Unlike most of his contemporaries, he had no desire for gain; rather, he had been told that somewhere in that distant land his true vocation awaited him.

          Employed at first as a cowherd, he gradually worked his way down the Pacific Coast until he reached Lima, where the divine call at last manifested itself clearly.  John became a Cooperator Brother in the Dominican Priory of Saint Mary Magdalene in Lima, where he made profession on January 22, 1623.  Given the office of Porter, he set about at once serving the poor who came to the priory gate for alms.  Like his friend, Saint Martin de Porres, he often begged for them in the city and is said to have fed more than two hundred people daily.  Saint John was distinguished for his great devotion to the Holy Rosary, as well as for his marvelous humility, patience and integrity.

          Saint John Macias died on September 17, 1645 and was canonized by Pope Paul VI on September 28, 1975.

                   O God, make us carry the weight of our daily work by imitating faithfully the example of Blessed John, whom you granted innocence of life and the perfection of charity.  This we ask you through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


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